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Vanish Gold Pre Treatment Gel

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  • Amazing stain removal in just 30 seconds
  • Our best pre-wash gel for spot treating stains before the wash
  • Gold Power Gel stain remover is 2x concentrated* with specially designed rubbing head to make it even more effective at tackling really difficult stains
  • Safe for use on everyday fabrics, colours and whites

Vanish Gold Power Gel makes stain removal swift and simple. Delivering amazing results in just 30 seconds, this 2x concentrated* gel is our best pre-treat option for tackling stains. With its innovatively designed rubbing head, you can easily tackle spot stains in difficult places such as cuffs and collars, and get deep into the fibres to tackle stains. Especially effective on greasy stains. Keeping your clothes stain free is easier than you think! 

*2x more concentrated compared to Vanish Oxi Action Spray.


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