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SurgiPack Glass Dropper


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SurgiPack Glass Dropper Safety Dropper

Active Ingredients/Components of SurgiPack Glass Dropper

The product SurgiPack Glass Dropper comes with an end, which is perfectly angled to meet the movement needs and provides easy use for the patients. There is also the presence of a ball end in the eye dropper for safety purposes. The glass medicine dropper used in the eyedropper can be easily sterilized before each use.


After the removal of the plastic to open the SurgiPack Glass Dropper, the glass eye dropper bottles needs to be sterilized at first. The glass is so designed that the sterilization process can be done very quickly and easily. After that, the dropper can be used to pull up any eye drop that the patient is using currently. The tip of the dropper can be then dropped in the liquid eye drop, and the rubber part is to be pressed. This will create a vacuum in the glass, and as a result, the liquid of the eye drop will rise in the dropper. Once filled with the liquid, the patient needs to make sure that the end of the glass does not touch anywhere. After that, bringing the dropper close to the eye and pressing the rubber again will dime one drop of the liquid in the eye. The patient can take the number of drops as prescribed by the doctor using the glass medicine dropper bottles. 

Extended Information for SurgiPack Glass Dropper

The presence of a bent and ball end structure helps the user to produce a one drop only output at the moment, which is quite important for precision purposes in medication.


The user has to be careful that the end of the glass portion of the dropper does not touch anywhere, especially the eye. Also, sterilization before using at after some time is recommended to reduce any chances that can later lead up to any kind of minor infections.

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