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Menevit 90 Capsules [limited to 5 per order]


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Menevit 90 Capsules [Limited to 5 per order]

It is a supplement specially designed to maintain sperm health. Menevit Capsules 90 is ideal capsules for couples who are planning to get pregnant. The time when you are planning to extend your family and have your mini versions running around is an exciting time and add to the value by these capsules. Women are well aware of the lifestyle changes to get pregnant effectively and by pregnancy vitamins. Now, men can take a supportive step for their woman and adopt a healthy and new lifestyle by taking these pills. 


Ingredients of Menevit 90:

1.     Zinc 25mg (Zinc sulfate monohydrate)

2.     Ascorbic acid 100mg (vitamin C)

3.     D-alpha-tocopherol 400iu (vitamin E)

4.     Folic Acid 500 mcg

5.     Garlic oil 333mcg

6.     Selenium 26mcg

7.     Lycopene 6mg



Take one capsule with food. Take the pill for 90 days before the planned idea. Take one tablet daily and consult your doctor as well. Note that it is highly recommended to consult a practicing physician before beginning the intake of this medicine. Also, excessive dosage of medicine is forbidden. Do not take more than two a day. 


These pills should not interfere with your balanced diet. Do not take these when on warfarin therapy without your doctor’s advice. Menevit Capsules 90 contains selenium, which is toxic if consumed in high dosage. The intake should exceed the 100 mcg given in the capsule. Menevit Capsules 90 is strictly advised to the children of 15 or below not to take the tablet. Make sure the carton seals were packed, if not then don’t consume the pill. Keep Menevit Capsules 90 out of the reach of children and store them in 25c or below, that is a cool and dry place. If you notice any side effects refer to a doctor as soon as possible.

Extra info:

These Capsules are free from animal products and are gluten-free. 

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