Histaclear Tablets 5 [limited to 12 per order]
5 Jul 2018
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Histaclear Tablets 90 [limited to 2 per order]


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Histaclear Tablets 90 [limited to 2 per order]

The product Histaclear Tablets 90 is mainly used by the patients to get a relief form Hayfever and all such related sort of symptoms and allergies that mainly include the itching and burning of eyes, rash in the skin and continuous sneezing. Symptoms like a runny nose or sinus and nasal congestion can also be dealt with by using the product. As for the symptoms and the allergies and the irritations caused by the common cold, they can also be treated by the use of this product by the patients. Recommended dosage as advised by the physician should be strictly followed. Too young patients are advised not to take this medicine unless otherwise specified by the doctors. Diabetic patients and heart patients are also advised to avoid this product. Patients who are already suffering from problems related to the liver or kidney are also advised not to use this product. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding patients should stop using Histaclear Tablets 90 during that time unless specified by doctors. Even though the effect of the Histaclear Tablets 90 is not clear on the pregnancy, the presence of it is slightly found in lactation. So, usage should be avoided without recommendation.

Extended Information for Histaclear Tablets 

The product should be stored in cold and dry air tight packs in which it comes. For children below 6 years of age, the consumption of the product should be strictly consulted by the doctors for the medical professional. In case any prolonged Side Effects or continuing symptoms are observed then the doctor should be immediately consulted. It is advised not to exceed the maximum of 20 MG per day consumption limit of the tablets. The label should always check before using or opening or consuming the pills. This particular product can be categorized as “Pharmacy medicine”. Incorrect or overuse of the product can be harmful. Exposed to moisture or heat in storage can result in the development of toxins in the tablets which will make it unsuitable for use. In this particular category, only those pharmacies that are registered can list. Abuse of the product for some other reasons can lead to irritation and burning sensations in the skin upper layer in which case again the medical professional all the concerned doctor should be consulted immediately without any further delay.


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