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Habitrol Lozenges 2MG Mint 36


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Habitrol Lozenges are a stop smoking aid that effectively relieves nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms: – in smokers motivated to quit smoking – during times when smoking is not permitted – between cigarettes in smokers unable or unwilling to quit Habitrol Lozenges are available in two strengths the 1mg and the 2mg and Habitrol Lozenges come in a great tasting mint flavour. Each pack of Habitrol Lozenges contains 36 individual lozenges and Habitrol Lozenges are sugar free.

Warnings: Do not swallow the lozenge. Do not exceed more than 25 of the 1mg lozenges or 15 of the 2mg lozenges per day. Read the package insert for more detailed directions for use. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25C Foil sealed for your protection

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