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Durex Condom Classic 20


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Durex Condom Classic 20
Active Ingredients/Products

The product Durex Condom Classic 20 comes with a pack of 20 condoms made of latex rubber and with the regular width of the material equal to 52 mm. the product has a teat end, it is well lubricated and is entirely transparent.


The product is available for use once the package has opened. After the seal of the pack has cut, the individual sachets which are each containing a Durex Condom Classic 20 will come out. These sachets need to opened before the product can used. After opening the fragrance, the user will see the loose yet firm transparent condom lying inside. Once taken out, the design of the product makes it very easy for the user to put it on. The shape of the condom mostly resembles the shape of the penis, and a user can quickly put it on just by using it as a protective rubber covering. Once a part is inside, the condom needs to be stretched fully to be able to fit completely. Under normal circumstances, an erect penis is enough for the condom to entirely pull itself and wrap around completely. Once worn, the user will find additional comfort and will be able to indulge in sexual activity even more efficiently and aggressively. This product provides all round protection from any STD as well.


The product should be kept in a dry and cool place, away from the reach of children. Those who suffer from allergy of latex should consider using condoms made of other materials. One should also check for the membrane uniformity of the product before using.

Extended Information

The product has specifically designed such that the user can put it one very quickly. The product has been tested a lot electronically and dermatologically.



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