CareSens Blood Glucose Test Strips
CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strips 50
6 Jul 2018
CareSens N POP Meter Starter Pack (Meter + 10 Testing Strips)
6 Jul 2018
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CareSens N Meter Starter Pack (Meter + 10 Testing Strips)


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CareSens N Meter Starter Pack (Meter + 10 Testing Strips)

CareSens N is a sugar test kit which is simple, no-coding meter, which calculates and displays the averages of total test results, pre- and post-meal test results from the last 1,7,14,30 and 90 days.

Ideal if you need to test frequently or require alarms to remind you to test at mealtimes with the Glucose Sense Test Strips.

The sugar test kit stores 500 records which can be downloaded to the PC care software for sharing with your healthcare professional.

Testing strips required:

CareSense N Strips

The battery life of 1000 tests 250 test values can be stored with time and date

Size of the glucose sense test strips device: 93 x 47 x 15 (mm) Weight: 51.5 g (battery included)

Temperature range:

10 – 40°C Relative humidity range: 10 – 90%


Glucose Meter,  Blood Glucose Sense Test Strips (10) Owner’s Booklet Logbook Quick Reference Guide Lancing CareSens Lancets (50) Batteries (2) Carrying Case

Extended Information :

Save your money abs this product comes in a combination of both the CareSens N Meter starter pack along with 10 testing strips. It is a great value combo to perform your tests at home with the glucocare sense test strips. The meter is enabled with the memory to keep a history of the results recorded in it.

It is simple to use and gives accurate results. The meter is enabled with no coding function, hence, you do not need to enter any codes and can be free from the hassle of remembering codes.

You need to follow simple steps that would ensure the results are right. Insert the strip on to the meter along with the other end of the strip which has a pointed end on the finger. The strip needs to be placed in a vertical position to get the blood on the strip to profound the test results. It less painful or no pain yet gives you a better way to find your blood results. 

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