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6 Jul 2018
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BeneCheck Glucose Test Strips 50


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BeneCheck Glucose Test Strips 50

BeneCheck Blood Glucose Test Strips are for use with the BeneCheck 3 in 1 Multi Meter for testing blood glucose levels in the blood.

Tests per pack: 50

Test Time: 5 Seconds

Sample Size: 0.7 uL

Test Range : 1.1 – 33.3 mmol (20 – 600 mg/dl)

Test Process:
1. Insert code before test
2. Insert Strip in to machine, unit should auto start
3. Prick finger, using spring loaded lancing pen provided with unit
4. Once a small blood bubble has formed, touch the surface of the blood bubble with the tip of the testing strip, blood will draw and fill the sample chamber

Warnings: If you get a result that is outside of normal range – Contact your Doctor or healthcare team If you have any problems reading the results, contact your Doctor or healthcare team.

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