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ALLERSOOTHE Elixir For Children 1mg/ml 100ml [limited to 1 per order]


Pharmacist Approval

This product is a pharmacist-only medicine, or a medicine for which it is our policy to have a pharmacist approve the sale. To comply with the New Zealand Medicines Act, we must request additional information. One of our pharmacists will review your answers, and may contact you for further details to ensure this is the best product for you.

By ordering this product, you understand that you have reviewed the information provided, and acknowledge that the product is for your own personal use. As with any medicine, you should contact a health professional if symptoms persist or an adverse affect occurs.

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Allersoothe Elixir

It is a generic of Phenergan Elixir and is a long-acting antihistamine which can be used for children: To relieve symptoms of allergic disorders including hayfever, allergic rhinitis, urticaria (hives) and allergic reactions to insect bites and stings. For the prevention and treatment of travel sickness. Allersoothe Elixir is sugar and alcohol-free.


Each 5ml contains promethazine hydrochloride BP 5 mg. Also contains sodium benzoate and propyl gallate. (Banana/Vanilla flavored )


*Please note – for children under the age of 6, this product is available only by ‘Prescription only’ For allergic conditions: 6-12 years: either a single dose at night of 10-25ml OR a 10ml dose two to three times per day.

For travel sickness: Single-dose is taken the night before travel and repeated after 6-8 hours on the following day if necessary. 6 to 12 years: a single dose of 10ml.

As a sedative: For short term use for sedation, on the advice of a Doctor or Pharmacist. Do not use for more than 7-10 consecutive days. 6 to 12 years: a single dose at night of 10-25ml.

For nausea and vomiting: 6 to 12 years: a dose of 10ml every 4-6 hours to a maximum daily dose of 25ml. Dosage may depend on the condition being treated and the individual response of the child. Give the lowest dose that adequately relieves symptoms. Ask your pharmacist for advice


This medication may cause drowsiness. *Please note – for children under the age of 6, this product is available only by ‘Prescription only’ This product should not be used in children under 2 years of age for symptoms of an allergic reaction. 

Extended Information of ALLERSOOTHE Elixer: 

This Ian an oral syrup made for children above the age of 2 to help them relieve from any allergy in children and other fever symptoms. It is effectively used for hay fever, however, needs to be used under the supervision of your doctor. It is an allergy children’s medicine that helps to relieve from any symptoms of allergy. 

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