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Aci-Jel Balance 100g


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Aci-Jel Balance 100g

Aci Jel is a bland, non-irritating gel preparation which is available for intravaginal use. It is water-dispersible, buffered acid jelly which can be used intravaginally. The primary purpose of the use of Aci Jel is to restore and maintain the typical vaginal acidity. Aci-Jel does this through its buffer action. Aci Jel is sure to cause no reactions in your vaginal skin. It is designed to suit your vaginal mucosa and give you the perfect pH balance. Needed for maintaining the proper vaginal environment. As a result, it slows down the growth of bacteria in the vagina which keeps your vagina free of infection. Aci Jel neutral to vagina so it will not harm the vaginal mucosa in any way. It would simply adjust the Ph of the vagina.

Aci Jel can be used as adjunctive therapy in cases where restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity are desirable. It helps in adjusting the pH of the vagina that encourages proper vaginal acidity.

Aci-Jel works by changing the level of acidity (pH) of vagina. It can destroy or slow down the growth of the organisms causing infection. In high acidic condition, bacteria find it difficult to grow. As a result, they perish and no harm caused to the vagina. In a way, Aci Jel protects the vagina by stopping bacterial growth.

Aci Jel works for the restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity and thus preventing the growth of any sort of bacteria in the vagina. As a result, the typical healthy environment of the vagina is maintained.


Acetic Acid Glacial BP 0.9386% w/v


Use one applicatorful (5g) intravaginally twice daily or as directed by the physician.


In case irritation occurs consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use in pregnancy or breastfeeding without the advice of your doctor.


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