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31 Jan 2019
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Back to School Guide

With summer coming to an end, and school starting back up there is always plenty to be done in preparation for another school year. Books, stationery and uniform are just a start. Your kid’s health requires special attention and is crucial for them to have a great start to the school year. By making sure they are healthy and ready to learn you are helping them to be better learners.

To help you stay on top of their health we have a comprehensive guide of discounted products to keep the kids healthy and happy and, keep in mind, that NZ orders over $69 are free delivery.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about;

  • Kids Probiotics
  • Kids Immune Defense
  • Kids Multi Vitamins


Probiotics- Digestive Health

What are probiotics?

Your body needs certain bacteria to stay healthy, unlike popular belief bacteria aren’t all bad. Bacteria helps with digestion, absorbing nutrients, and battling other germs that can make you ill.

Within your body, you have a group of germs called a microbiome which is made of good and bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We rely on microbes to stay alive as they protect us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins.

They live:

  • on your skin
  • in your gut
  • in your respiratory tract
  • in your urinary tract
  • in your digestive tract

Antibiotic kills infection-causing bacteria. But it also can take some of the good bacteria.  We compromise our microbiome when we take antibiotics because the balance between good and bad germs is affected, and this can lead to infection and illness.

Benefits From Taking A Probiotic

  1. They help to balance the good bacteria in your digestive system
  2. Help prevent and treat gut issues
  3. May reduce the severity of certain allergies
  4. May help reduce the symptoms of bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis, IBS and necrotizing enterocolitis.
  5. Probiotics may help boost your immune system and protect against infections.

Why Do Kids Need Probiotics?

They can help with digestive health and immunity by restoring the balance of good and bad gut bacteria, and can also help prevent and treat diarrhea. There are studies showing that probiotics may help improve anxiety and stress. Starting a new school year can be scary and make kids feel uneasy or stressed, with the help of a probiotic kids can feel better inside.

Probiotics may also reduce the risk and severity of certain allergies, such as eczema, in infants and children.

Digestive disorders seem all too common these days, affecting both children and adults. Certain types of probiotics have improved symptoms in people with mild ulcerative colitis and may provide benefits for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Any medical issues your children may be facing should be discussed with a doctor.

Common Signs Your Kid Should Be Taking A Probiotic

  1. Gastrointestinal issues, such as Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, IBS and Ulcerative Colitis
  2. Overweight
  3. Showing signs of Stress and anxiety
  4. Food allergies or sensitivities
  5. Skin issues such as Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, or other rashes

Key FAQs

  • Probiotics can be used all the time not just when you are taking an antibiotic
  • Will aid to improve bowel health, healthy consistency and frequency of bowel movements
  • Taking a probiotic once you’ve experienced any signs of needing one is the best treatment option to get your health back on track

Kids Immune Defense- Keeping The Kids Healthy

What is Immunity?

Immunity means that your body's defense system has recognized a specific type of infection, either by being exposed to it or by vaccination. The body’s cells are then prepared to fight this type of infection. There are many parts of the body's immune system, including antibodies and other types of "fighter" cells.

Schools are often filled with coughs and colds and being in a close environment like the classroom germs are easily spread. Having a good immune system ready to fight anything that goes near your kids is one way to help them continue to learn and not have to take any days off school.

Benefits From Taking An Immune Supplement

  • Strengthen your body’s natural defenses
  • Protects cells from harmful molecules
  • Helps the body's natural defenses fight inflammation
  • Helps kids to fight off colds and coughs to keep them in school
  • Enhances your immunity to infectious diseases

Why Do Kids Need An Immunity Boost?

When functioning properly, the immune system fights bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. All children are continuously exposed to these, but children will get sick. A strong immune system provides a child with powerful natural defenses against disease.

It is impossible to always protect your child from germs. They are everywhere, especially in situations such as daycare and school. Being exposed to germs is a part of life, and not necessarily unfavorable.  If your child is overly susceptible to illness, you may want to take steps to enhance his or her immune system and make it as strong as possible. Prevention is the way to avoid your child continuously getting ill and taking antibiotics or other medications.

Good nutrition is essential to developing and keeping the immune system healthy and strong. Critical nutrients that stimulate a strong immune system include vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids. The most important minerals and ingredients include Olive Leaf, Echinacea angustifolia, Zinc, manganese, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, sulfur, magnesium and germanium.

Common Signs Your Kid Should Be Taking An Immunity Supplement

  • Stress; if kids are feeling stress with school work or starting the new school year this can have an impact on our immune system
  • Tired; waking up continuously exhausted can mean your kids immune system needs extra support
  • Always falling ill; when sickness after sickness occurs your immune system is calling for help
  • Slow healing wounds; this can be due to a weakened immune system because your body can’t fight the infection

Key FAQs

  • An Immune Supplement can help prevent your child having sick days by boosting their Immune System so they can fight off sickness
  • An improved Immune System can aid sleep so they are wide awake in the morning ready for a new day

Kids Multi-Vitamins- Essential Nutrients For Growing Kids

What Is A Multi-Vitamin?

Multivitamins are the most commonly used supplements in the world. Their popularity has increased rapidly in the past few decades. They can improve health, make up for poor eating habits kids can have when young, and reduce the risk of illness.

A Multi-Vitamin consists of many vitamins and minerals, and can includes other ingredients such as herbs, amino acids and fatty acids. The body needs nutrients for reproduction, maintenance, growth and regulation of bodily processes.

Why Do Kids Need Multi-Vitamins?

Kids who would benefit from a Multi-Vitamin include:

  • Kids who aren’t eating well-balanced meals made from fresh and whole foods
  • Picky eaters who aren’t eating foods high in certain minerals and vitamins such as fruits and vegetables
  • Kids with digestive problems who may not be able to fully absorb what they need
  • Kids on a vegetarian or vegan diet, or who have allergies and intolerances.

It is hard to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from food and drinks everyday so a Multi-Vitamin supplement may be what your child needs.

Benefits From Taking A Multi-Vitamin

  • Multi-Vitamins can improve mood, because when we are deficient in nutrients we often feel poorly.
  • They can improve eye health, for growing kids this is important to reduce the risk of developing diseases when they are older.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D which are often found in Multi-Vitamins are proven to aid in bone health
  • B Vitamins are proven to increase energy, for kids playing sport and doing after school activities this is helpful for an extra boost
  • Magnesium is proven to relax the body and aid a good night’s sleep

Key FAQs

  • Multi-Vitamins include essential Vitamins and Nutrients for busy growing kids
  • The body needs nutrients for reproduction, maintenance, growth and regulation of bodily processes.
  • Multi-Vitamins should not be used to replace a well-balanced diet


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