Who are we?

Bargain Chemist is a New Zealand pharmacy chain 100% owned and operated by kiwis, for kiwis. We're firm believers in providing high quality healthcare at unbeatable (and sometimes free) prices. We offer an extensive retail range alongside prescriptions and other pharmacy services.

Our retail team and pharmacists are super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. Please do not hesitate to pop in to one of our pharmacies for private consultations, advice on general health, medicines, natural supplements, beauty products, and much, much more!

Free prescriptions

Yes, you heard right! Bargain Chemist offers free prescriptions on all fully funded medicines!

When you get a prescription filled, you generally pay $5 per item for fully funded medicines (or $15 per item if the prescription is written by a dentist, optometrist or specialist). This is called the pharmaceutical co-payment, and goes from pharmacies directly to the Ministry of Health to contribute towards the cost of funded medicines.

Bargain Chemist believes that all kiwis should have equal, free access to fully funded prescription medicines, therefore we pay for our patients' prescription co-payments out of our own pocket. It's one of the ways that we give back to our communities. Blister packing services are also free here at Bargain Chemist.

Cheap prices

Bargain Chemist offers up to 50% off the recommended retail price (RRP) on big brand natural health products, perfumes and fragrances. We also offer big savings across all of our other products.

We can do this because we have a team of staff working hard behind the scenes to negotiate good prices with various suppliers. Bargain Chemist also has bulk purchasing power, which means that we bring in huge quantities of stock at a time to drive costs down. This means that our customers can gain huge savings on the things that they need.

Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacists are fully trained, qualified and registered, and do a lot more than just free prescriptions.

Most of our pharmacies* offer free blood pressure monitoring, the morning after pill (ECP) consultation, sildenafil/erectile dysfunction consultation, trimethoprim antibiotic for urinary tract infection, selected oral contraceptives consultation, vaccinations, methadone/opioid substitution program and more.

*Services offered across Bargain Chemist pharmacies may vary. Please check in with your local Bargain Chemist for more details.

Bargain Chemist is proudly a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business. Our policy: New Zealand’s cheapest chemist.

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